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Teaching Philosophy

Teaching Philosophy

Everyone has a different reason for starting vocal or musical training.
“I want my child to gain enrichment through music”
“I want to become a singer”
“I want to have more music in my life.”
“I want to spend time on my hobbies.”
“I want to perform in an exhibition or concert.”
are just a few…

I offer personal counseling and will work with you to develop a lesson plan that meets your specific needs.

Through music, children can learn culture, kindness, and inner strength, while adults can use the time spent with music to increase the satisfaction in their lives.

The philosophy of my lessons which is based on “enrichment of the heart,” may be somewhat unusual. But, it is my belief that through singing, your inner character develops as well. First, we’ll decide on your personal goal, then we can work together and discover the joy in achieving what you’ve set out to do. I am a firm believer that you can gain both “confidence” and the “strength to preserve” though music.

Classes/Lesson Fees

Individual Lessons

[From 2 times a month~] 1 lesson/30 minutes: 5,000 yen (including tax)

A completely private lesson
We will work together on breathing, dictation, solfege, and more.
Additionally, I can customize lessons to assist with practicing script lines or instruct on the basics of musical grammar.

Pair Lessons

[From 2 times a month~] 1 lesson/30 minutes: Two students x 3,000 yen (including tax) per student

A lesson for a pair of students
Perfect for students who would prefer not to learn on their own or would like to study with a friend or family member.

Group Lessons

[From 2 times a month~] 1 lesson/30 minutes: From 3 students x 2,000 yen (including tax) per student

A group lesson for over 3 students
Perfect for groups of friends who would like to practice together or improve their skills for karaoke.
Mother’s groups or activity circles are also welcome!

Online Reservations

24-hour Online Trial Lesson Reservations